I’m still conscious upgrade this addon.

SEE THIS! I have some amazing super-powered swords for you to have a good time having fun in mine-verse. You can craft them as well as combat with some effective managers such as ender-dragon or wither-boss or the brand-new managers. Allow me reveal the swords to you. Addon by @ahangarkani_ali; instagram.

Note: Please allow speculative gameplay.

Note: Please examine your variation to be 1.12 or 1.13 Not 1.11 or 1.114. Some individuals believes that 1.114 is 1.14 It’s not.

Note: The swords can not enter into your hotbar. You need to craft them for seeing as well as utilizing them or utilize:/ feature swords


This sword is tier-1( strength1). It does not have any kind of unique power however it’s the crucial to various other swords.


This sword is tier-1 with super-speed as well as slow-falling. As I stated, the knight-sword is the crucial to others.


Tier-1 with super-jump. Utilize it with air-sword for do not obtaining pain.


Very first point firs, your moving is hard due to hefty weight. Yet you have strength-8.


It has all knight-sword power double. And also it utilized for … SEE THE NEXT.


One of the most power-full sword of my addon with strength-6, speed-5, absorption-8 as well as resistance-1. Yet it’s so difficult to get.


Tier-1 sword with one line extra heart.


It’s an upgrade for master-sword with strength-3 as well as 3 line heart. Obtain the rocks from galaxy knight to craft it.


It’s unique power is fire-resistance as well as it’s tier-1


You can utilize this sword for discovering under-water. It has the conduit-power as well as tier-1.


It’s unique power is regrowth with toughness greater than tier-1.


Really, as well as absolutely it’s not a sword. It is a magic-wand. When you are transferring to a block that is air, it alters it to woollen block that you do not drop. If you leap it takes place, also. It alters lava to obsidian as well as water to ice, also.( however, for lava it has some hold-up). It had alot of insects today it does not have any kind of. Boom

13- lightning-stick

Initially, you need to craft the asgard-stones. The the lightning-stone and afterwards the lightning-stick. When you obtain it on your hand, every one of the crowds in the series of 4 to 14 from you hop on lightning_bolt.

14- fire-stick

Establish any kind of crowd to fire at the series of 4 to 14 EXECPT brand-new canines.

15- time-stick

No person can relocate 4 to 14 block of you. Faster night and day cycle.

16- evocer-stick

In the meantime the crafting is damaged. You need to obtain it with commands. Generate evocation-fang at crowds in the series of 4 to 14.


The iron-battleaxe has 30 assault damages. It does not have any kind of impacts.

18- legendary-knight-sword

It has the power of 3 swords simultaneously. You can utilize it for eliminating some effective managers like the brand-new ender-dragon.

19- rainbow-sword

A sword made by rainbow rock that can be located from eliminating rainbow-knight. Among one of the most powerfull swords.

20- aqua spear

An upgrade for aqua sword with dual power.

21- galaxy sword supreme

An upgrade for galaxy sword with even more hearts as well as toughness.

22- STORMBREAKER (from @keyyard it’s except me)

One more amazing tool in the location of trident with lightning power when is tossed. I’m claiming it once again that it’s except me. It’s from @keyyard (twitter) addons as well as many thanks from him due to obtaining me the authorization.


/ feature sticks

/ feature shields

23- elytra crafting as well as structure

Currently you can craft the elytra.

The guard structure is from @cubitosMC twitter

24- toxin stick

A stick that influence every person from r4 to r14 on toxin.

25- perish stick

Like toxin stick to perish influence.


First you need to craft the vacant infinity rock after that make the ston as well as lastly … YES!!! The infinity rock. With its power you are INVINCIBLE.

27- canine stick

Keeping that you can obtain powers to your master canine for combating with aggressive crowds.

28- Espada swords

I have a pack of 4 swords for you. And also you players need to state wich powers shiuld I contribute to them. Remark down or inform me on the instagram @ahangarkani_ali

29- unearth stick

Pull every person right into planet to color. HaHaHa

30- gold battleaxe

Has 15 damages

31- epic knight sword powered

One upgrade of epic knight sword.

32- redstone powered knight sword

33- redstone powered issue knight sword

Powerfuuuuuuuuullll with toughness+12 woaaaaaa

34- obsidian sword

In the meantime not do anything. You state what need to I consist of.

35- Bedrock Sword as well as Axe

36- brand-new buddies as well as opponents

A brand-new manager that normally generate in video game that has 100 hearts, 5 assault damages as well as goes down some rubies. It does not assault you till you assault him.

The knight that goes down some swords however it’s so difficult to defeat them.

The rainbow-knight has 1000 hearts with 20 assault damages. It goes down rainbow-stone

Manager steve 200 hearts generates on day. Problem Bsteve that generates on evening. Decline emerald green.


Master-dog. New canine with 150 hearts as well as 8 assault. It subjugates like typical wolf.

Fire-dog. One more canine with 200 hearts as well as 10 assault damages that subjugates with blzae pole as well as type with blaze powder as well as lava lotion. I’m sorry however it does not have any kind of fire-resistance.

Rainbow canine. One of the most power-full canine ever before with 500 hearts as well as 20 assault damages. It’s difficult to get as well as tame with the rainbow rock that can be located by eliminating rainbow knight. it can be type with meats.

Galaxy sword. 400 hearts as well as 8 assault. Tame with galaxy sword.

Tame with pleasant berries. Not so effective.


I posted a map that you can find out every one of the craftings.

* #New large Tchests upgrade # *

Currently you can locate swords in depository.

* #New crowds generating # *

Currently you can locate one crowd just in one biome. Or possibly on various other globes.

* #added brand-new particled # *

* #Something speciaaall # *

Currently you see such as this simply put on a pumpkin to your head.

#Added shields NOT CHANGED #

As you can see they were not changed. They were not finished. I made them due to the fact that alot of you men informed me to produce. They do not have any kind of dish yet obtain them with/ provide command (shield: assa/armor: bedrock/armor: iron)

Take a look at my knights skinpack also.

KEEP IN MIND; This is my initial addon. If it misbehaves or you uncover some collisions, please inform me on instagram (@aghangarkani_ali)

+ #please allow experimental-gameplay #+


Select variation for changelog:

Becauae of you men I jave included brand-new shields.

Every one of the sticks had insect, really phantom stick as well as I have actually addressed it.

I have actually located an excellent way for functioning remedies as well as typical swords once again. Yet it takes me time to produce it. I will certainly remedy them so quickly.

Sorry every person. I actually neglected to upgrade the web links.

Currently you can craft the bedrock tools.

Some insects of brand-new knights dealt with.

Some tools assault damages altered to manuscript rather than toughness impact.

And also extra I altered as well as I intend to include.

Included bedrock sword as well as axe.

Changelogs for the entities.

I’m servicing knights to have swords.

2 brand-new swords:

Redstone powered issue knight sword

And also obsidian sword.

One brand-new knight pal

As Well As— > You individuals. Pls inform me what need to I consist of to espada swords established. Non of you inform anything. Inform sth I run out suggestion.

See around even more beautifull with pumpkin in your head.

New redstone powered knight sword.

Repaired the crafting on saw knight sword. Currently you can craft it well.

Included 3 brand-new swords

Included brand-new knigjts buddies I really did not include any kind of pictures

Included brand-new espada swords.( I really did not include any kind of power you players inform me what need to I include.)

Altered the structure of shields.

Future upgrade is including brand-new crowds draw as brand-new buddies( knights) as well as various other points.

included brand-new espada swords.( the do not have any kind of powers yet you need to state the powers)

Included brand-new shield structure.

Future upgrade is some brand-new crowds like knight pal as well as else.

Included brand-new structure for shields however no brand-new dish fornow. Included brand-new 4 espada sword.

Futur upgrade: I intend to include brand-new crowds such as brand-new pal knight as well as I will certainly utilize the structures of ES skinpack.

Altered the web link. I had actually repaired them. I neglected to upgrade them. I’m actually sorry.

Included brand-new fragments

Included brand-new Tchests( depository) loot

Brand-new spawning.( every crowd in his one-of-a-kind biome)

New depository.

New crowds generating

New fragments.


Included the canine stick for making canines extra power complete.

Pest dealt with of crafting. Included the pictures to describtion. Enjoy.

Included infinity onslaught as well as rocks as well as crafting. In future I will certainly seperate it from important swords.

2 brand-new stick the toxin as well as perish stick. Some adjustments on entities.

Some adjustments on entities.( I damaged the thor. You can not tame him till I repair it)

2 brand-new swords.

Modification some spawning regulations.( it might collapse. I need to work with it extra)

Can tame thor currently as well as reproduce him.

New generating regulations.

New crafting for galaxy sword.

2 brand-new swords with powerfull toughness.

Testimonial the practices for inspecting working of addon.

1-New tool (iron-battleaxe).

2-New structures for some swords.

3-More power-full ender-dragon.

4-New crafting( more challenging)

1-Add a great deal of brand-new knights to video game.

2-Now some crowds generate simply in knight.

3-Sticks influence various other gamers, also.

4-New loot tables.

5-New structure for end-sword as well as galaxy-sword (I really did not transform the image. So do not be puzzled.)

New canines

Galaxy canine

Pleasant canine

New crowds

Manager steve

Problem Bsteve

Crafting for evocer-stick.

Due to very easy having fun made swords toughness weak

1-new sticks

* fire-stick

* time-stick

* evocer-stick

2-fixing som insect of swords as well as phantom-stick.

1-link insect dealt with once again

2-new canine

3-new crowds( thor,2 type of knight)

4-new prizes in some upper bodies on mine-verse

Due to the web link insect I upgrade it quikly. I’m sorry due to it.

1-new manager

2-new canines

3-new magic-wand

4-added assistance for minecraft pocket version 1.13 x


1-click on download web links

2-scroll a little down as well as wait on the countdown. After that you most likely to one more website. On bench that the symbol is 3 black line( up right) transform the language to english if it is not. After that choose slow-moving downloading.

3-then you will certainly see one switch. Click the recaptcha or create the code.

4-after download click the packs to be mounted on minecraft. Some internet browsers does not sustain it. My suggestion is ES data traveler or RAR.


Sustained Minecraft variations