Screenshot of Halo Infinity

Halo Infinity – are you interested in the frame rate at which it works? (Photo: Microsoft)

Wednesday, the entrance offers softer video games, while blocking with a large block, as a player calls the animals by the horror of the parody.

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Absolute Nonsense
So Microsoft has put his foot down, and as everyone has predicted, a man who speaks 60fps talks by default from his extension port. But I have to say, I doubt it matters. While I wish it were different, I don’t think most normal people or even most players worry about 30fps versus 60fps.

I don’t know why, because it has a much greater impact on games than 4K and above, but I think it is the fact that it is difficult to quantify, and although everyone can see the difference, it is often difficult to quantify except that it is smoother. I’m not joking, I suggest you put the frame rate somewhere on the screen as an option, so people can see that the number is fluctuating. This can be done on a computer, and usually players are much more interested in this concept.

After all, none of these technical aspects is as important as playing quality, but you like to talk about the absolute, and 60 is an absolute number if you are over 30. Although it is funny that people claim that 120 frames per second is one thing, while in 99% of situations it is completely insignificant. Like the 8,000, actually.

I really hope everyone will brag about his or her game soon, because the arguments about the meaningless numbers that are probably lying anyway, are getting older and older. I’d rather watch five minutes of Halo Infinite than press another word on teraflops, SSDs or even refresh rates.

Mel Brooks Animal Crossing
Well, that’s where I played Animal Crossing and managed to seduce C.K. Slider to perform on my island. I can’t say it’s my favorite game, but in the end I liked it. It is likely that after all these events, seasons and so on, I will not be able to judge properly for about a year. But from what I’ve played, I can certainly suggest a number of improvements they could make.

The best interaction with the people on your island is probably first on the list. I liked some of the animal figures and would like to spend more time with them, but there isn’t much we can do together. It would be great if you could fish together or even visit some professional events. You can order fun beach games, maybe waterskiing or parasailing. It would be great if they could also take more pictures to go on a special safari on the island and take pictures in the Pokémon Snap style.

Another big improvement would be to add a little violence. A little sad to shake things up. Wouldn’t it be nice to cut off a friend’s head and stick it on sticks in the central square where the blood flows? I’d better explain that I’m joking before I get stripped. But seriously, I think there’s a great comedy version of Animal Crossing…

The game is ripe for a love parody with its non-violence, its good-natured attitude towards capitalism, the ruthless accumulation of resources and the Kawaiian animal figures. Too bad the game doesn’t laugh at itself anymore. I try to think of all the existing games that can actually be classified as parodies, and the only one that comes to mind is Bad Mech Conker Day, which I haven’t even played yet. Sounds like a missed opportunity.
Ryan O’D.

Nobody will think of children
It is difficult to determine the average age of a Fortnite user. It has a certain perception because its overall aesthetic appeals to a younger audience, based on personal family experience. It tends to go to a younger age group, although of course this is a generalization and, as you have noticed, the age range varies. The proposal to use the game openly in the way described for political campaigns cools down when there is a clear departure from an apolitical position among children.

Of course, there is a danger of emotional prejudice, Helen Lovejoy syndrome. In the UK, there are laws that make schools apolitical, whether true or politically biased, but from a strict point of view we always try to maintain an apolitical climate in education. There are identical laws to stop targeted advertising and the desire and efforts to prevent companies from violating the spirit for which these laws were designed.

Using games as a back door to spread a message, or introducing a political message into an arena used mainly by a young audience, regardless of whether one agrees with the more liberal position of the democratic party, is certainly a dangerous precedent for persecution or normalization.

This may be due to the purity and innocence of the child’s conscience, certainly names like the next sequel to The Last of Us contain a story that, to put it mildly, may share some opinions, but it is a ranking game for adults. From a broader, holistic perspective, the question of whether the influence of impressive minds can be stopped in the digital age is a different one, as current advertising encourages parental control over children’s access to digital technology.

Politics on both sides of the Atlantic has become extremely polarised in recent years, with liberal and conservative parties in Britain and the United States sometimes flirting with the hard left and extreme right. The more arguments we have, the more we will try to ensure that the game is dominated by a state of calm and that both parties move towards a more central reserve, but at the moment it is difficult to see the benefits or prosperity that would result from the introduction of political campaigns and rallies that are not known to have a balanced perspective.

I hope you don’t deliberately, without a balanced context, expose a child to the ideologies that come to light during the Trump or Sanders meetings. We’re dealing with fact-checking in digital media in some ways, but it’s hard to imagine how that would work in a game like Fortnite.

Nintendo has long had a reputation for protecting users from this and other types of messaging. There is something sinister about the use of this game in politics, and one can only hope that Epic Games will resist the desire to give a young public access to the DNC or even to any side of the faith in this game.
Comfortable (Facebook/Instagram/Tweet)

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Spooky Dreamer games, I would definitely support the GC recommendation on what’s left of Edith Finch. I just wrote it down: What’s left of Edith Finch is fucking brilliant, and I still support her. I also recommend the Brave Heart, it was installed during the First World War, and despite the environment, you spend most of your time avoiding the mentioned war. It’s a stage/putter, and with the VE day just over and Colonel Tom on the news, there’s no better time than now to pay tribute to the lost heroes.

I’d also look at Tembo Bad Elephant, he’s a turntablist, inspired by the sound… …but with an elephant dressed like a Rambo! Speaking of Sonic, there’s always the Sonic Mania, one of the best Sonic from the early to mid-1990s. I just found Hand Samuel hilarious, if you die and make a pact with the devil, and you have to take every step with your hand and even breathe, and if you’re wrong and you throw yourself on the floor or faint with a purple face, then you’re not angry, you’re angry!

My final choice will be The Old Man’s Journey, another puzzle/platform that sees an old man who wants to visit his daughter, and where you have to move the landscape/platform to get ahead, and where about halfway an epic train level is reached. And given the journey we are all on right now and the fact that we all want to see our family and friends, that seems very relevant at the moment. Big boy’s bow: There are always four. Ways of anger when you pass the room, you just hit people for no reason – no killings.

There is no excuse for
I don’t know why people who use the Coronavirus as an excuse for Microsoft and other companies make mistakes, as long as I can see that they only cause a delay of a month or two in a few cases. Someone defended the Xbox 20/20 display and said that Microsoft’s plans were confusing, but weren’t they?

I mean, the Xbox X series is still available this year, just like Halo Infinite. They have an E3 show in July instead of June, and… That’s it? That’s it? They themselves have never claimed to have had much influence on what they do, and the head of Microsoft himself said that it was more a question of demand than production.

The same happened to Nintendo, which behaved strangely long before the Coronavirus, and to Sony, which had a huge trick with The Last Of Us Part 2 and Iron Man VR by Marvel… a few months too late. The last of us should have been long gone before there was a pandemic!

People should stop using it as an excuse and go back to explaining things, because that is not the case.

Party in dispute. Okay, Zelda: Dungeon Eagle Tower Awakening (dungeon number seven) in Link’s Awakening’s Eagle Tower is not as difficult to navigate or as uneven as many in various Facebook groups and other forums, including YouTube comments lead me to believe.

I know it’s all subjective, but I think the negativity associated with this dungeon is unfounded. It’s still the infamous Temple of the Ocarina era, where I can’t understand why many people don’t understand what a dungeon is.

Eagle Tower is my favorite dungeon in the game and currently surrounds the perfect dungeon in Turtle Rock. Negotiations on the complex layout were initially disappointing, with the apparent convexity of the blue and orange blocks becoming rather annoying. That’s why I can understand those who think that disorienting design solutions naturally mean a sharp increase in complexity.

But as soon as I started to tune in to the inner logic of the place and put generous markers on the map to remind me where all the crystals and other landmarks were, progress was much smoother and I began to appreciate more the subtlety and complexity of the level of design.

What I liked most was the confusing emphasis on height and dimensions, with the connection ending up in the holes in the lower floors. The dynamics of the ball and the stems are no less interesting, with a pleasantly unexpected end result: the destruction of the last structures.

However, the unique item you bought seemed pretty drunk in the dungeon.
Anyway, I thought it was just a remarkable dungeon with some of Zelda’s best. I dare say that the game as a whole is almost as old as its communication with the past.
Galvanized player

HONG KONG: The Eagle Tower is very heavy, but we’ve only heard people describe it as positive. You may be mistaken about comments on YouTube.

Lock Reality
As the lock is still in place, this is a good time to grab a motorhome helmet if you can. It’s been a great month for PlayStation VR with Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners released Pixel Ripped 95 next week, and there’s a whole catalogue of great games and experiences you can play until you get back to a normal (or new) situation.

If you don’t have a PlayStation 4, you may be able to get an Oculus Quest if it’s available somewhere.

Even a Google Map for £2 can give you hours of fun, but whatever you choose, it will be a great escape from reality for a while. Keep your eyes open!

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After MatheAlso, HK, what do you think of the death squad? After the expansion? It’s a pretty attractive price. £40 is the price of a brand new game! I don’t mind paying if I get all the content of the game back – but parental play is hardly qualified in this respect. And I don’t think they’ll do anything to improve the biggest flat in the game: the terrible and boring Time Tour.

We have more storyline and three new characters. Now, they said the storyline at Mortal Kombat 11 would take about 12 hours – but I don’t think it was anything like that. More like eight, then another hour to cover all the branches. And as much fun as it is, he was in an unenviable position when he had to endure the fullness of a single experience. Well, in my opinion Krypt had a lot of fun, but on the other hand, both are too meaningless to have more fun than the weekend.

Here are the signs. Robocop’s the only one who’s really new… …but how the hell is he gonna play? A character known for his inertia and who uses a weapon in particular? Mm-hmm. I don’t know how serious the blow was for NederRealm, but you get the feeling that Warner Brothers is very arrogant, even openly exploiting prisoners in the literal sense.

By comparison, something like an extension of the Shaking Islands for Senior Scrolls 4: Was the oblivion in the order of 20-25 pounds? And it was practically a new game. I doubt very much whether the impact on the Shivering Islands will be more than double. Is it unfair to compare a fighting game to a role-playing game? I don’t care about that. Maybe if we complain hard enough, they’ll have to cut prices. Right now, 40 pounds is too much for my blood. No, Father. But then, at least on stage, death and friendship will be free…

HONG KONG: Mortal Kombat 11 cost 55 pounds when it came out and we can’t remember anyone complaining about the lack of maintenance, but it doesn’t matter. If the overtime is almost like a new game, in theory this would mean that the almost full price is justified. This has not yet been proven; three signs do not, of course, seem particularly special to us.

I play Rage 4 every day and I started unlocking the characters of the second game. I still like it, so if anyone’s still interested, but on the game board, I still have a steam code to hand out.

HONG KONG: The whole game? That’s very generous. As usual, we will randomly forward them to the person who will write us a useful inbox.

That sounds pretty promising for their next year, I wonder what they have planned. It can’t be Resident Evil 8 with such goals, but I hope it’s not Monster Hunter, because I never liked it.

This week the hot iron is
. This weekend’s inbox question was suggested by an Isha reader asking what are the most impressive video game charts you’ve ever seen.

A new generation of consoles is fast approaching what has impressed you the most so far? Was this only achieved through technical progress, or did artistic design and camera work also play a role?

What are the things that usually impress you in games when it comes to images, and what do you hope to make possible for the next generation which is impossible or very difficult at the moment?

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