All about the Power Tournament

tournament (Photo: Toia animation)

Goku’s son was behind the power tournament, and although he didn’t realize that the losers of the tournament would be destroyed along with their world, he didn’t do much to prevent it. Given his relationship with Xeno, he could probably have done more to prevent all powerful deities from accepting such hard results for those who lost. When the universes fog up in an instant, you wonder what would have happened if Goku had won, not Android 17.

Would Goku want everyone to come back, or would he just want a stronger fighter to hold the horns?

He is not a winner, father of the year.

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That doesn’t necessarily make him a bad guy, but MAN really needs the advice of Gokus’ parents. Just before the power tournament, he organized a practice contest in which Gohan begged his father to watch out for his ability to mystify and demanded that his dear old father reveal all his power in their dispute.

Goku has left home so many times to become stronger that he has become a kind of father, and with this father-son duel is the only way for our hero to be proud of his son, to be a worthy sparring partner.

Goku Black?

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While Zamasu was the one who hatched the plan to destroy any life he deemed unworthy, it was Goku’s need to fight that essentially forced him to take the true path. After the son tried to test his skills against the villain Kayo Shin, the villain, who is the antagonist of the third installment of the Dragon Ball Super Bow main story, got a plan to make him stronger, and also a reason to believe that mortals are a race that must be destroyed. Fearing the extent of Goku’s power over his own, the Son’s inability to plan ahead has once again become the main reason for the threat to the universe!

Vegetarian can be a real hero

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Goku never really had to overcome his Sayan legacy, or rather the ruthlessness of being saved from that fate as a baby by a blow to the head. On the other hand, Vegeta has taken crazy steps and has gone through several stages of character development since her first arrival. When you think of Goku’s character when he appeared in the first episode of Dragon Ball Z, or hell, did even the original Dragon Ball change completely? Will he ever change? Can he put his will to fight above all else, or will the universe continue to be threatened?

The love for the Battle of Goku dwarves every.

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In the end, Gokus’ desire to fight seems to repress everything else in his life, whether it’s his father’s role or the lives of his friends. Of course, these things can sometimes be important to the protagonist of Dragon Ball, but it seems that they only come into play in the son’s life when they overlap with his upbringing. Goku will always have a Sayan mentality, but is race naturally doomed to put the Force first?