Fans will tell everyone that Guy Fieri never met a drink he didn’t like. The real star of the Food Network never misses an opportunity to discover and taste the best of country cooking in the series Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, both on the highway and out of state. Guy Fieri lives as he eats, with full appetite and without fear, and the audience never gets tired of his long culinary adventures on his TV show.

Guy Fieri has a habit of developing some of the tastiest, fattest and most delicious dishes he has ever presented on his travels. The famous chef also has real sympathy for the tragedy that struck millions of restaurant workers during the coronavirus crisis.

Fieri and his son owned and managed restaurants for many years. However, in times of pandemic, like everyone else, they don’t know when the restaurant will be up and running again or what it will look like.

While many catering establishments have remained closed, Guy Fieri is not waiting for this. According to Yahoo, the famous chef will be in the shops today and on the 13th in other shops. May has already used her business associates to raise a huge amount of money for the restaurant’s employee assistance fund.

Nothing says the chief can’t have fun and do good at the same time. So Guy Fieri invited his good friend and star ghost hunter Bill Murray to take part in a big test where he was strangled with cheese.

Guy Fieri is already ahead of the NachoMiddle Show

So far not a single cube of cheese has fallen in the pot, but Guy Fieri has already done his best to raise more than 21 million dollars for the restaurant’s workers’ aid fund. Unfortunately the Fieri restaurants, like many others, are closed, but the owner did not sit still in front of the television.

Fieri contacted the CEOs of Pepsi, Coke and Uber Eats to collaborate with the National Restaurant Association and launch a charitable initiative.

Gaius Fieri doesn’t have to think long to remember his days in the back of the house, in restaurant jargon. From bus table to captain flambé, from dishwasher to cook… I did all this, remembers the food icon.

De Fieri praises the fact that often the invisible workers are the hardest and most real people you have ever met – the heart of their community. He stressed that the initiative should provide some support at a time when these staff members are most in need. The purpose of this fund is to provide each restaurant employee involved with $500 to cover basic living expenses. More than 8 million restaurant employees are now unemployed.

Friday the 15th. In May, at 5pm, Nacho Average Showdown will be broadcast on the Food Network and on the network’s Facebook page, where the donation button will be clicked. Guy Fieri and Bill Murray are of course not representatives of haute cuisine, but they will certainly enjoy making a lot of money.

Jimmy Fallon just trained for Guy Fieri and Bill Murray?

It’s no coincidence that Guy Fieri and Bill Murray taught Jimmy Fallon a lesson in Nacho in cyberspace last week. It looked like Bill was just showing you how to drink a bottle of beer. He talked about the disinvestment of women and quickly changed the subject. It was so much fun. Jimmy Fallon had a table full of ingredients that barely touched, including parts of the cactus. The nachos that came out of his oven looked quite edible, even though they were very spicy. The trainers were satisfied and the session might have been a good exercise for Friday’s event.

It will be a family romance for experienced rivals at the Middle Nacho Show. Guy Fieri is supported by his son Hunter, and Bill Murray is supported by his son Homer.

Both boys know their way around a kitchen. Shaquille O’Neill and Terry Crews will determine the winner. Carla Hall, the Fieri Food Network team, will take part in a cooking competition.

Jenna Bush Hager bets with her Nachos against Guy Fieri’s Nachos.

Nachos is the co-host, Jenna Bush Hager’s favorite snack today because there are no long-term viewers. The crunchy and honey-coloured favorites should have come to the point after talking about Guy Fieri and all his noble efforts. It may be too late for Jenna to join this year, but the young Texas girl thinks her simple recipe might be against someone else.

When Hoda Kotb Hager at Jenna Bush’s Nachos party asked, so to speak, about the secret sauce, a hardworking mother kept everything very basic.

The two ingredients are velvet cheese and a can of Ro-Tel tomatoes, said Hager. She admitted that if she was as excited as she was during the competition, she could add ground beef or turkey (to be healthy, but in quarantine, who cares?). The lawyer’s not bad either.

Guy Fieri and Bill Murray may compete in this year’s first nacho average match-up, but you only need to know that next year Jenna Bush Hager will compete in the championship and has her first family ties.