Nowadays, as people increasingly rely on videoconferencing tools to communicate with colleagues at home, Google’s huge global Internet service, Google Meet, can become an easy-to-use alternative to zooming in on videoconferencing. Previously Google Meet was limited to GSuite and teachers, but now it is available to anyone with a Gmail account. However, it reaches people in stacks, and not everyone will have it added to their Gmail account.

Since March, blockades and other restrictions have been imposed in many countries to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, forcing many professionals to work from home and communicate with their team members via videoconferencing services such as Zoom.

Just like the Zoom customer, Google Meet is a free videoconferencing service for 100 participants. However, unlike Zoom, where the free service is only available for 40 minutes, Google Meet has no time limit.

There are several ways to use Google Meet for videoconferencing. Learn how to use Google Meet to connect with colleagues, friends and family:

To begin with

Unlike most other videoconferencing services, Google Meet is not a separate tool, but an integrated service that is now part of Gmail. So you need a Gmail account to use Google Meet. The service appears in the left column of the Gmail interface, to the right above your contact list and below your email folders. If there is no Google Meeting, it will appear automatically in the next few days. You don’t have to do anything to activate Google Meet in your Gmail account. In the meantime, you can visit to access Google Meet’s services. It is important to note that a Google meeting requires a Gmail account to start or join a meeting.

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Google Meeting How do I start a video conference in Google Meet with Gmail?

Step one: Log in to your Gmail account

Step two: To start a video session, click the Start meeting button just below the meeting’s subtitle. To join a meeting, click on the Join Meeting button and enter the meeting code.

Step three: Accept Google Meeting’s request for permission to use your system’s camcorder and microphone.

Step four: On the next screen, the system displays the meeting URL, which you can share with the participants in the meeting.

Meeting with Google 5 : Before you join a meeting, Google Meet gives you the opportunity to become a member or moderator.

Join the meeting by clicking on Join Now, or share your screen with others by clicking on Presence.

Step five: The Google Meetup App displays a pop-up message to the meeting creator when a new participant joins the meeting.

Google Meet Google Meet is a simple video conferencing service that does not have as many functions as Zoom. For example, you cannot make an appointment or change your history. However, it has its own functions that work perfectly. This includes various screen layouts, audio and video management, signature service and chat.

Use of Google Meet on smartphones

Google Meet is also available as an application on iOS and Android platforms. The tool remains the same and the list of supported functions does not change. The application also allows you to create or participate in a meeting using the meeting code.

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To schedule a meeting on Google Meet

If you cannot make an appointment with Google Meet for Gmail and the smartphone application, you cannot make an appointment with Google Meet. However, there is a way around this problem. Besides the integration with Gmail, Google Meeting is also integrated with Google Calendar. If you now create an event in your calendar, you can turn it into a Google Meet video conference. It also allows you to select contacts from your Google contact list for a meeting. To schedule a meeting in Google Meet, you can create an event in Google Calendar and turn it into a Google Meet video conference. Participants who have been added via the contact persons will then be notified by post. Others can join the event using the code you get from the event window.

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