In order to entertain those who contribute to the safety and health of everyone in these times of social exclusion, the HBO will present a new brochure on Friday 3 March. April, almost 500 hours of the best program available for a limited time without subscription for free streaming on HBO NOW and HBO GO. The list of free programs includes each episode of nine cult HBO series such as Soprano, Vip, Six Feet Under and Wire; great Warner Bros. blockbusters from the current HBO catalogue such as Pokémon Detective Pikachu, The Lego Movie 2: Volume two and Crazy, Spid, Love; and 10 exciting HBO documentaries and series, including McMillion$ and The Case Against Adnan Syed.

All programs can be broadcast from Friday onwards without subscription by downloading the HBO NOW or HBO GO applications or by visiting or In the coming days, the content will also be made available free of charge via distribution partner platforms. This is the first time that HBO makes this program volume available on HBO NOW and HBO GO outside the payment system.

POWERFUL : The meeting of the Special Friends at HBO Max has been postponed.

  • HBO content that is also available in streaming without a subscription is included:
  • Ball players (5 seasons)
  • Barry (2 seasons)
  • Silicon Valley (6 seasons)
  • Six feet underground (5 seasons)
  • Soprano (7 seasons)
  • Estate (2 seasons)
  • Tru Blood (7 seasons)
  • VIP (7 seasons)
  • Conducting (5 seasons)
  • 10 Documentaries and feature films
  • Apollo
  • The Adnan Saed case
  • Elvis Presley: Search on
  • I love you, and now I’m going to die: Commonwealth vs. Michelle Carter
  • Inventor: Blood in Silicon Valley.
  • Jane Fonda in five acts
  • MacMillon dollar
  • Real justice: Brian Stevenson’s fight for equality
  • United Skating
  • We are the dream: The children of the Oakland MLC speech festival…
  • 20 Warner Brothers. The theater.
  • Arthur
  • Arthur 2: On the cliffs
  • Blinded by light
  • The Madison County Bridges
  • Crazy, stupid, love.
  • The solar empire
  • Forget Paris.
  • Two happy legs
  • Isn’t it romantic?
  • Legofilm 2 : Part Two
  • Midnight special
  • My dog leash.
  • Nancy Drew and the underground ladder.
  • Pan
  • Pokemon Detective Pikachu
  • Red Riding Hood
  • Small foot
  • Storks
  • Suction cup
  • Unknown

Viewers can take part in the entertainment and interactive tours by following @HBO on Twitter and Instagram and sharing the hashtag #StayHomeBoxOffice.

The stakes: HBO Max, streaming

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