Havascar, formerly interim head of the IPL Board, recently referred to the delay of IPL 2020.


Published – 20. March 2020. 15:48 | updated – 20. March 2020 15:48

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Sunil Gawaskar

Sunil Gawaskar. (source: Twitter)

Sunil Gavascar was a master in his day. His struggle was highly appreciated worldwide in the 1970s and 1980s. The Mumbaikar instinct used for bats is unparalleled and can’t be surpassed by anyone else. Since his retirement in 1987, the veteran has mainly been involved in the game as a presenter.

He has often spoken out on cricket issues. His strong opinion was even highly appreciated by many people. Havascar, who has already served as interim head of the IPL board, recently talked about moving the tournament to 15th place. April.

A former Indian captain said that the participation of foreign players in the tournament gives a small taste of what is to come. Whether the IPL is played depends on how quickly the distribution of VID-19 is controlled. Foreign players don’t get a diploma until the 15th day. April a visa, so the tournament may take a little longer. Foreign players bring a different taste and excitement to the tournament, so it’s important to have them, Havascar said, emphasizing the fact that the tournament can’t take place if foreign players don’t get visas.

Sunil Hawascar beats BCCI official for his offensive remarks

The caption then gave his opinion on the remark of a CBCI official. The official said that if the IPL is played without foreign players, it will be like the Said Mushtaq Ali tournament, which has a low level of cricket, Havascar said. For the uninitiated, the Saed Mushtaq Ali Tournament is an annual T20 tournament organised by the BCCI in which all the country’s national teams participate.

However, the so-called senior officer of the BCCI must emphasize that the BCCI must ensure that the quality of the game is not bad. We didn’t want the Mushtaq Ali tournaments, an incredibly insensitive statement if true, said a 125-test veteran, quoted by the Hindustan Times.

A former Indian outdoor player then raised the issue of the quality of cricket during a national T20 tournament. He asked the BCCI to keep an eye on the tournament schedule so that international Indian players can participate.

Firstly, it’s an insult to a great man whose tournament is named after him, and secondly, if it’s such a bad tournament, why do we need it? Can you also explain why the quality of the tournament leaves something to be desired? Of course, not only because it has no international players, but also because it has no Indian internationalists! This is a planning issue that BCCI needs to address, Havascar said.rhyming insults,insulting big words,insulting quotes for friends,insulting love quotes,insulting quotes images,painful insult quotes,insulting words,insult messages