Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey, best known for his amazing portrayal of the villain Frank Underwood in the politically successful drama Netflix House of Maps, recently appeared in a podcast and spoke frankly about his acting career after the MeToo scandal. This is the first time an actor has spoken in public about the MeToo movement since Netflix took it out of the house of cards. Spacey said he could fully refer to those who lost their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic. He called Netflix’s exclusion from the house of cards the most important reason to understand the feelings of the dismissed.

The actor, a controversial 60-year-old veteran, recently appeared in a podcast called Bits & Pretzels for an in-depth interview about his life after the MeToo movement. The interview started with Spacey, who admitted that he wasn’t the kind of person who likes to comfort people by trying to connect them with other people’s experiences. He thinks that such an attitude easily undermines what another person has to endure. But in the case of COWID-19, Spacey says he fully understands what it’s like to end his whole life with a beep.

Kevin Spacey’s Life and Career after being charged with sexual misconduct

Spacey says it feels sorry for people who are suddenly told that they cannot come to work or that they might be fired because of a crisis they cannot solve.

The American beauty star Bits & Pretzels said in the Bits & Pretzels podcast that when his acting career suddenly ended due to numerous accusations of sexual harassment, he constantly had to wonder who he was, if not an actor. In a recent interview, Spacey remembered the painful journey he made when his life and career were turned upside down by a series of accusations of misconduct on the Internet.

According to Spacey himself, his world will be completely changed by autumn 2017. He added that almost everything he had worked hard for had disappeared in a few hours.

In July 2019, Massachusetts law enforcement dropped sexual harassment charges against an 18-year-old male actor who owned the Golden Globe.

Then, about four months later, in October, Spacey successfully concluded the settlement of a sexual misconduct lawsuit brought against him by a masseuse who died in early 2019. The actor’s lawyer reached an agreement with the therapist’s son, whose identity was not disclosed for legal reasons. A therapist who filed a complaint under the name of John Doe claimed that Spacey harassed him during a routine massage in Malibu about three years ago. According to the prosecutor, Spacey even tried to stroke her genitals. The most controversial moment for Kevin was when he was accused of attacking Ari Ben, the ex-husband of the Norwegian Princess Martha Louise. Ben said Kevin felt him in 2007.

In December 2019, the famous Norwegian writer committed suicide at the age of 47.

People who accused Kevin Spacey of harassment during MeToo

The very first sexual harassment charge against Kevin came on the 29th. October 2017, when Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp Buzzfeed News told that Kevin sexually harassed him in 1986, when he was just 14 years old. This incident happened at Kevin’s apartment in New York. After hearing the accusation, Kevin immediately apologized to Anthony Rapp. In the same statement of apology, Kevin publicly stated that he was gay. Many believe that the actor made this statement to distract attention from the real problem of sexual violence.

The second victim of Kevin’s inappropriate behavior, Roberto Cavasos, appeared on the 30th. October 2017. Cavasos, a popular Mexican actor, told a Facebook post that Kevin had turned on the set for him while working at the Old Vic Theatre in London. Kevin was the artistic director there. The Mexican actor ended his speech by saying that those who worked with Kevin at the Old Vic Theatre know that many more people will accuse Kevin of sexual harassment. And he was right, because more than a dozen men have accused Kevin Spacey of unwanted sexual harassment against them, reports USA Today.

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