Vimla Kumari, a 46-year-old employee of Anganwadi (AWW), was in the midst of many love tweets on Monday when Kumar Ravi, a magistrate in Patna County, Bihar, tweeted a photo of her at work. Dressed in a white sari with red piping and a hairnet, mask and gloves, Devy stood there with a questionnaire in her hand. She also put a cast on her left leg.

This one deserves a special mention. The ICDS team reports that Wimla Kumari of Patna is still working and investigating in her assigned area, even after the AWW has broken his leg. Ravi tweeted a high level of commitment and dedication to his work.

Qumari, whose husband died 15 years ago, slipped at the end of March in a puddle near his house in the slums near Lalit Bhavan. However, this did not prevent them from carrying out a government-initiated door-to-door study in Bihar in April to test for respiratory distress and influenza-like disease associated with coronavirus symptoms. With a stick, which helped him walk, Kumari came to visit from the 16th. From April to April 3. May at least 380 houses in the shantytowns near the Bihar Public Services Commission office and later the shantytowns near the electricity supply in Patna, where she lives.

I realized that people in my neighborhood would suffer if I went on holiday and stayed at home. Given the adverse conditions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, I have decided not to leave my people at a time when they need me most, she said.

The Qumaris, accompanied by a nurse and their wives, left every morning at 8 a.m. and visited at least 25 houses before noon.

A resident of Kumari’s one-room house has three children – a 23-year-old daughter and two sons aged 22 and 18 – who continue their education. She receives a monthly allowance from Rs. 5,650 and it is her job to ensure that the government’s social security programme reaches every beneficiary.

People in my neighborhood trust me. They will not allow anyone from AWW, except me, to give their young children polio drops or other vaccines. It’s a matter of trust. I knew that if I could get another AWW to do an investigation in the area, a lot of people could stay out of the investigation, she added.

Wimla has been uncompromising in her work, despite our willingness to give her leave, said Bharti Priyamwada, a district program chairman for Patna who works for the Integrated Child Development Service (ICDS), an office of the Ministry of Welfare.

She is a very active, dedicated and responsible employee who has never shirked the responsibility entrusted to her. She’s not afraid of bad luck either. In fact, I gave her a leave of absence, but she didn’t take it, says Renu Kumari, the project manager of the children’s development project.

The research, previously limited to only 4 areas in the state of Bihar, has now been extended to all 38 areas. Seven of them have already been completed, including Begusaray, Gaya, Nalanda and Sivan. The first part of the study, mapping those who came from abroad in March, has been completed. We now see migrant workers arriving in the state capital. We assume we completed the exercise in mid-May, the DM said.

Of the 170 million households affected since the age of 16. In an interview on 3 April, 3,819 people showed symptoms of coughing fits and shortness of breath. In Bihar, 541 cases of coronavirus have been recorded, with 4 reported deaths so far.