Even if James Cameron wasn’t behind the camera for the Terminator: Dark Destiny, Tim Miller’s steering wheel is on T2: Judgment Day was great. However, the opening of the film left many people in shock, some of them angry.

In this series, young Sarah and John Connor celebrate their survival on another day when they saved the world and stopped Judgment Day.

They may have disrupted Skynet’s plans, but the future robots have sent more than one T-800 into the past with orders to kill John Connor. In a traumatic moment John was finally hit by one of the blocked cars while Sarah was powerless to save him.

Linda Hamilton returned to the role of Sarah Connor and ended up talking about the scene which, as she understands it, may have upset some fans.

This will upset a lot of people and a lot of fans who think this is only true for the first two stories, it tells movie stories. The whole concept of the Terminator, that John Connor is a hope for the future of mankind. I think this is going to upset a lot of people!

Sarah and John both play a double (Jude Colley played John for Edward Furlong) and the T-800 Arnold Schwarzenegger (played by Brett Azar).

Although Hamilton did not play in the premiere, it turns out that Cameron brought him on stage to preserve the authenticity of the performances.

I was only there to give instructions, Hamilton explains openly.

You know, not the lead role, but [director] Tim [Miller] wanted me to testify because she’s a woman who’s usually abandoned in front of her corpse because she was like Sarah Connor in the distant past. And it was very difficult to observe at all levels and just watch his fight.

She was an actress and a good actress herself, but not Sarah Connor and I had very little control over her performance, she adds.

I went to get her right away and said: No, no, no, no, no, you can’t just throw them away! She’d come back, you can’t just hold Sarah, you know she’d bite, scratch your elbow and grab her hand.

I remember I told the stuntman and the woman to fight harder, it’s your son, he pulls apart and she grabs – oh, and it’s not Arnold either – so she grabs Arnold’s body twice and she takes his hand and it’s me: Don’t put your hand near that gun! It’s not just about arming someone with a gun! [Laughs a lot]

She keeps talking with the addition of her face:

And, you know, trying to teach someone how to be furious, how to be Sarah Connor, was a very stressful time, and then they put my face, a younger face, on a digital form.

So I had almost nothing to do with that scene, they put it together… So I had to sing their performance because they put my face on their body, but they had to match their performance with my face, and I had to… Oh my God, it was so confusing and not very fun! (laughs)

Edward Furlong also shared his thoughts on the controversial scene.

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