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Michael Jordan (left) and Scotty Pippen (right) of the Chicago Bulls in conversation during the final minutes of the NBA Heat Miami Eastern Conference at the Joint Center in Chicago, Illinois, March 22. Mei. The Bulls won the match 75-68 and led the series 2-0. LAFORETH PHOTO/VINCENT AFP (LAFORETH VINCENT / AFP photo) (Photos must be read by LAFORETH VINCENT / AFP via Getty Images)

Jamal Crawford is literally one of Michael Jordan’s biggest fans.

No lies.

NFL’s Nate Burleson told the story of a Seattle resident who was born in Washington on the radio podcast Scoop B.

When I was younger, Jamal was very close to my older brother, and we still are, he told me.

South Seattle freed all the brother athletes. We all learn to appreciate ourselves more as we get older. We didn’t know what we were buying in that jar, but like Nate Robinson, Marvin Williams. The list is long, even for Phillip Heath, who has been an Olympic bodybuilder seven times – Mr. Olympia. Anyway, Jamal, he came and stayed for a whole week. He asked my dad – everybody called him Big Al, he said: Big Al, can I come over and beat him up for a day or two? He came and hung around, my brother – and we had no money, so we ate windows, pickles, soda… It was just like our food. Every day. We wake up and I want to flirt with the girls in the park, my brother wants to go to the park and Jamal wants to stay and watch Come Fly With Me every day. He ate cereal, he ate windows, he sat in front of the TV every day, and it’s like, dog, come on… you can’t watch it twentieth time in three days – it’s like, more, more! But he loved basketball. Something like that. He then went into the park, mimicked his movements, then came back and looked again. He and my brother were like two guys I’ve never seen with basketball bones before. And when I heard the song, it was these guys. Because I lived it and breathed it.

Burleson insists that Jamal Crawford’s obsession with basketball is the reason for his successful career.

Jamal Crawford, an independent NBA agent.

Getty Jamal Crawford, an independent NBA agent.

Jamal was a student of the game and he was deeply, deeply in love with basketball, he told me.

My brother heard about A.C. Greene. He heard that A.C. Green wasn’t having sex, so he stayed a virgin until he was 20, and he heard about another Hooper athlete who didn’t eat candy or soda. It was crazy. It was like flirting with girls on the phone trying to find a way to ask them out so I could kiss them, and he was in the garage dribbling with the gun. And it was him and Jamal when they were growing up. My brother played in the league for a few years, played abroad and is now one of the head offices for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Yeah, guys growing up watching them, I always say if I loved football as much as my brother loved basketball, I’d be in the Hall of Fame.michael jordan documentary,dennis rodman documentary netflix,michael jordan net worth,dennis rodman documentary 30 for 30,dennis rodman documentary 2019,the last dance bulls,scottie pippen,dennis rodman sigma pi