Nikki Bell is expecting her first baby, which is super exciting, but she is also in quarantine like everyone else on the background of the coronavirus, the flashes of KOVID-19, and is doing her best not to get bored. Luckily we all still have social networks, so the star on stage not only boasts about his child’s hump, but also shows off his movements!

That’s right! A retired war killer makes a videotape of her dance, sits in her crop and skirt and shows her belly.

Artem Chygvintsev, who is her fiancé and the father of the baby, and a famous professional dancer, was undoubtedly very proud of her.

The long, flowing skirt she wore certainly contributed to the performance, but all the fans could concentrate on her hump!

Headline: the first time a mother writes As soon as I find my inner @shakira, I’ll check out my GI story to find out more about the contest for the first social distance party of the Total Bellas season!

No wonder Nikki feels like a dancer when she’s bored and doing so well!

Eventually she and her husband took part in Dancing with the Stars, and so began their love story, which began as a friendship!

Nikki and her twin sister Bree are actually both pregnant at the same time, so they were isolated with Birdie, Bree’s 2 year old daughter, and of course Artem!

In fact, the sisters are neighbors who do not live in the same house, but they still spend a lot of time together every day.

During the interview, Bri explained that we literally don’t have lines of ownership, so it really helps to go along and support each other and stay positive, but it’s such an uncertain time.


It is clear that most evenings they cook together and also drink coffee together every morning!


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