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Customers should not speak or sing out loud as part of the measures to keep them close together (Photo: Shutterstock/Syda Productions).

It is reported that shouting, singing and even making music should be forbidden, so that pubs can relax under the rule of social distance of two meters.

Companies may bring their employees and customers closer together if they can demonstrate that measures have been taken to minimise the risk of coronavirus infection.

One of the issues the government’s scientists thought they were discussing was the ban on noisy talking and singing because they could potentially spread the virus further into space.

It may also be necessary to turn off the music so that people don’t scream to be heard, reports The Sun.

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The pubs were serving take-out pints for their scheduled reopening on the 4th. July (Photo: Peter Summers/Getty Pictures).

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Other options include a phased schedule, replacing door handles with sensors and replacing queue personnel with a click and collect service.

The newspaper reports that sources in Whitehall suggest that companies could resume operations following the introduction of risk reduction measures.

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In offices, this can mean working in small groups, sitting one after the other with colleagues and sitting at warm tables.

Boris Johnson faced calls from business leaders and parliamentarians to halve the distance to help businesses like cafes and restaurants reopen their doors.

The Prime Minister promised to keep the two-metre limit for social distance under constant control.

Boris Johnson promised to keep this line under constant supervision (Photo: Getty Pictures).

Mr Johnson addressed the Communities on the Prime Minister’s questions: I think these readings, the two-meter rule, should come into view now.

As we reduce morbidity through collaboration, I want to make sure we keep this two-meter rule under constant control.

Westminster NPS leader Ian Blackford said it was too early for the government to consider easing restrictions.

he said: We know the company has talked about reducing the social distance rule of two meters, but this is not expert advice.

Sage said six seconds of exposure to the virus at one meter is the same as one minute of exposure to the virus at two meters.

This is a significant increase in risk.

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Sir Patrick Vallance, Britain’s chief scientific adviser, told a briefing on coronaviruses in Downing Street last week that the two-metre limit is not a scientific rule, but a risk-based assessment if risk is reduced.

He said… It is wrong to present it as a scientific rule that it is two meters or nothing – that was not the advice, and that is not the advice that applies now.

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