Despite the unconventional nature of the project, the NFL 2020 has officially come and gone. While the situation improved in most leagues, it soon became clear that NFC West would be difficult from start to finish in 2020.

As the Los Angeles Rams, Seattle Seahawks, Arizona Cardinals and NFC 49 defenders continue to prepare for the upcoming season in San Francisco, it couldn’t be clearer that these four teams will not only compete at the highest level, but will also make serious efforts to reach the post-season 2020-21. However, there are still clear favourites that will eventually claim the NFC-Westerkroon next season.

4. Los Angeles Ram

Yes, it is true that Los Angeles Ramse is only two seasons away from reaching the Super Bowl to be listed as NFC champions. However, it is no secret that life is rapidly approaching the height of NFL professionals. With the 2020-21 campaign on the horizon, Rams is probably the worst team in the entire western NFC division.

This off-season, the Rams have usually chosen to participate in the Pro Bowl, which has returned to Todd Garley’s past, in addition to dealing with the regular veterans of Brandin Cooks. With quarterback Jared Goffe having minimal weapons in the offensive part of the game, it is clear that Head Coach Sean McVeigh must rely on Aaron Donald’s defensive performance and dedication this time.

Nor does it help that Ramsov had no choice in the first round of this year’s NFL draft.

3. The Falcons of Seattle

This one’s pretty simple. Despite the fact that Seattle Sychaux has been a success for many years, the team currently only misses the old pro-browl quarterback Russell Wilson in the off-season. Given that Seattle seemed to allow a few talented players to spend the entire off-season without much replacement, one can assume that the typical dangerous season of the 2020-21 Seacocks will be somewhat shortened. That’s partly because NFC West will do much better this season, as all four teams will be more than competitive throughout the year, which will ultimately prove expensive for Seattle.

Wilson cannot do everything alone on the offensive, while Sihouki chose two defenders in the team’s first two plans for the NFL elections in 2020. A few wide receivers here and there and an uncertain fast attack just won’t be enough in the Pacific Northwest next season.

2. the cardinals of Arizona

The Arizona Cardinals are without a doubt the best team in the NFC Western Unit thanks to this off-season, and the Arizona Cardinals are now without a doubt a legitimate contender for the 2020-21 season. In particular, the cardinals have ensured that Kyler Murray, Quartebecker Murray, in the former Houston Texas, holder of the passport of DeAndre Hopkins, which was bought in Arizona at the beginning of this off-season through an exchange, has had a second year of turbulence. In addition, the cardinals now have Murray and Hopkins and Christian Kirk to lead the attack alongside legendary receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

Led by sophomore head coach Cliff Kingsbury, the Cardinals also worked on the team’s defensive issues and prepared for 8th place. Isaiah Simmons took first place in the Clemson Tigers rankings last month.

1. San Francisco 49 persons

Despite the fact that this division is much better in the race, it will still be incredibly difficult to overthrow the defending and undisputed champions of the NFC 49ers in San Francisco in 2020-21. Wherever the hole was opened during the off-season, the 49ers were able to close it immediately, and the situation improved and narrowed even as the season progressed.

After losing his pension to veteran forward Joe Staley, veteran defender DeForest Buckner at Indianapolis Colts and Speedster Broadster receiver Marquesa Goodwin at Philadelphia Eagles, head coach Kyle Shanahan and general manager John Lynch immediately filled in the gaps. Along with former Washington Redskins forward Trent Williams, the 49ers have selected former South Carolina defender Javon Kinlow and former Arizona state passport collector Brandon Iyuk for the first round of the NFL Draft 2020.

In the years 2020-21. 49 players will again be the team that will win the Western and NFC championship.

Brett Favre, the Vikings.